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Segata Sanshiro Advertising Campaign (Any Character): We all know that Segata Sanshiro is one of our world's most sterling heroes and martyrs, despite his sometimes harsh methods. Write me a story that speaks to his inner nobility. Tell me perhaps of how he trained on the mountains under the gentle wing of his master until at last he beheld the form of the immaculate Sega Saturn and realized his true purpose. Or regale me with stories of how his compassionate fist brought back into line those lost souls who failed to partake of the Sega Saturn. If you want to draw a tear from my eyes, you could even write a triumphant recounting of his last tragic battle in which he bravely gave his life, such that the Sega Corporation would survive its deadly missile attack and go forward to be the prosperous company we know and cherish today.

If you are unfamiliar with Segata Sanshiro and his exploits, may I direct you to the following collection of historical records: Youtube video containing all commecials, Wikipedia summary

Super Hexagon (Pointer, Voice):
I see the hero of this game as a perfect metaphor for our blind human struggle, moving ever onward, undeterred towards a goal he can never hope to reach -a voice he can never hope to touch- like Gatsby looking at that green light or perhaps a cat observing a laser pointer. What I want is for Sisyphean figure to finally be granted the rest he so evidently seeks and to unite with the voice that lies outside his hexagonal plane of being. (Pointer/Voice. Porn preferred.)

A summary of pretty much everything you need to know about this setting to please me may be obtained by watching this trailer.

恋スル乙女は肉食系 | The Young Maiden in Love Is a Carnivore (Any Character): Sometimes girls don't know what they want and it has tragic results. Can you imagine a world in which such tragedy is righted? In which the sun shines again on the budding Spring of young love, without the dread gloom of unintentional cannibalism? If you can, it would please me if you would ignore such imaginings in writing my fanfiction, as I will be saddened if Tyra-mi and [UNNAMED BRONTOSAURUS BOY] actually get together. I would much prefer you write something blackly humorous, perhaps about an impending meteor strike.

Link to manga

Papers Please (Jorji Costava): I started playing this game the day before sign-up ended and while I will doubtlessly have finished it by December,  I'm well aware that in asking for it I am opening myself up to being surprised. But isn't the holiday season all about surprises? Really so long as there's lots of authoritarian misery (tempered by the shining light of eternal hopefulness that is Jorji), go wild.

Also, if the authoritarian misery embodied by Arstotzka does not inspire you, I could conceivably appreciate a lighter, happier tale - one set, perhaps, in the utopic world power known as Cobrastan.


I am generally an easy to please individual, and will not be alarmed or dismayed by any content you choose to include in my story. Ideally, however, I would hope that whatever you choose to write would have the same gravitas and seriousness of purpose that I have invested in this letter.

Thank you in advance for anything you choose to write for me. Thank you in retrospect for putting up with me such that you have made it to the end of this post.

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